Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's topic is book turn-offs but I'm going back and doing words/topics that will make you not pick up a book. They are rather similar and I had started but never finished this list. Some of the following are quite popular these days, but it's just not for me. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

1. Erotica

Yeah, no, see Philippians 4:8

2. Horror
I've got a good imagination when it comes to reading, not a fan of giving myself nightmare material.

3. Steamy covers 
See #1

4. Vampires, Zombies, werewolves, witches, etc. 
Not a fan of creatures from the dark side being the main focus of the story. And see #1.

5. LGBT 
See #1

6. Futuristic 
I like history, the future is just all speculation (and rather far-fetched speculation at that).

7. Love Triangle 
Usually involves a silly female who can't make up her mind and a guy who's going to get his heart broken. Well, a bit of an over generalization, but still it's not my cup of tea.

8. Dystopian 
Similar reasons to #6

9. High school relationships 
I've read two good ones, but for the most part, what's the point of dating in high school? It just leads to heart ache; distraction from family, friends, school, etc.; doesn't last; and why rush into adulthood? And thus, why read about it?

10. Paranormal 
Guess I kinda already covered this with #4, but angels fall into this category and not necessarily into the other. Yes, I believe there are angels and enjoyed the Hallmark Mrs. Miracle movie but no, they don't fit well into fiction. I don't mind miracles happening in fiction, but having an angel or angels as characters… I'll pass.

What are some book turn off for you? What topics make you not start reading?

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  1. Ha, I agree with all of those. Not for me. :)

  2. I agree with most of these except I love futuristic stories! Not sure why, I guess I love imagining what the future could hold or implications of ideas.

    1. It's a good thing not everyone has the same tastes! Guess my imagination prefers living in the past. :-) Thanks for stopping by!


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