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The Waiting Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan

The Waiting Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan - a four star contemporary, Christian romanceThe Waiting Heart by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Kindle Edition. 2013. 264p. (AISN: B00H2NIMB2) Series: Those Karlsson Boys, #3

A few months ago I came across this author, discovered she grew up as a MK (missionary kid) and within a few days had read just about everything she’s written that was available on Amazon. Last week book three in the series Those Karlsson Boys became available. It was a good conclusion to an enjoyable series.

Goodreads Summary:
A family crisis brings Jace Karlsson back to Minnesota and face to face with the girl he loved and abandoned eight years earlier. When the opportunity arises to help her, he hopes that it will make amends for his actions of the past. But old feelings die hard, and Jace soon realizes he feels more than guilt and remorse.

While the tragic accident left Mari with a broken and scarred body, it was Jace Karlsson's abrupt departure from her life that left her heart shattered. When he offers to help her realize a dream, Mari accepts but as she deals with the emotions of the past and the present, she wonders if the price is too high.

My Review:
Each book in this series focuses on a different man in the Karlsson family. The first two take place relatively close together in time but this one is eight years down the road so it’s neat to see how the others are doing and how their lives have progressed. Though I think this could be read as a standalone since the author does a good job in bringing in the back story.

Book one could be read after book three without any major spoilers, but you’d already know the main parts of book two if you read book three first. But at 99 cents apiece (as of 12/8/13) there isn’t much excuse not to read this enjoyable series in order.

There are several aspects that make these books so enjoyable. First off, they’re clean and sweet, yet they also deal with real problems in today’s world. Teenage pregnancy, car accidents, hackers, cancer, adoption, and the inability to have children are all issues that the characters in this series have to deal with and work through in the series.
The romance isn’t rushed and has a very real life feel. Lessons of trust, love, commitment, and laying aside personal dreams and ideas must be processed and learned.

The third thing I really like about this series is the way the author ties in prayer and the Bible. It’s not every preachy, there aren’t long sermons; it’s just naturally a part of the character’s lives.

If you enjoy contemporary Christian romance then this is a series for you.
4 stars means worth the read and the re-read

Go read it! Buy the series from Amazon – each book is currently (12/8/13) on sale for $0.99: Book 1: Worth the Wait; Book 2: Waiting for Rachel; Book 3: The Waiting Heart

Disclosure: I bought this book and the others in the series. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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