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The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson

The Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson. Tyndale, 2001. 330p. (9781414310589) Series: O’Malley, #3

A year ago I received this whole series as a gift, I’ve finally gotten around to reading them and in four days I’ve read four of the books (the prequel and 1 through 3). Tonight would have been number five but I had an event to go to, an email to compose and this review to write - tomorrow though!

Goodreads Summary/ Backcover:
Amy Ireland disappeared twenty years ago without a trace. For U.S. Marshall Quinn Diamond, it's a case that has never closed. He's still searching - determined to learn the truth.

Lisa O'Malley is a forensic pathologist: mysteries are her domain. She has worked crime scenes in Chicago for years. Examining a sea of evidence, the connections between victims are so faint that they fade into ill-defined wisps as she searches for a pattern.

The threads are pulling Lisa's and Quinn's cases together. And where they intersect there's a killer who will stop at nothing to see his secret remain buried.

Quinn wanted Lisa's help. He never planned to put her in danger. She didn't expect him to invade her heart...or his God to change her life. And while Lisa understands death and darkness all too well, she's about to discover love and the Resurrection.

My Review:
I have really enjoyed this series. Mysteries involving grim situations that require FBI agents, crisis negotiators, U.S. Marshalls, forensic pathologists and more (those are the professions of the lead characters in the first four books) aren’t usually the books I pick up for fun. But I’m so glad I finally got around to this series.

The books are page turners; I have a new respect for the long hours and stress endured by law enforcement and emergency personnel. Except for the prequel, each book is about a different member of the O’Malley family – a group of orphans that adopted each other and all legally changed their names. And each has a stressful job, in addition to the ones mentioned above there is a firefighter, trauma counselor, paramedic, and pediatrician.

In at least two of the books so far I’ve noticed an editorial mistake. In this one the months got mixed up – something happened on the “last Monday of October” when the reader has already been told an important wedding will be on October 22nd of this year. And the wedding does take place later in the book.

The author does a great job addressing different aspects of Christianity that people have a hard time accepting, but the resolution and the ‘I believe’ moment happens very quickly and almost too conveniently.

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Since I’m reviewing this book to count for a book scattegories game on Goodreads, I had better mention that there’s a horse named Annie that Lisa rides and is comforted by. (Needed an animal’s name to start with an A!)

Oh, and the stories definitely take place in the late 1990s or turn of the century because house phones still had cords and watching a movie at home involved rewinding the tape. :-)

If it weren’t so late and I wasn’t tired and Saturday wasn’t packed full, I would start the next book and stay up until probably 3 am reading. But I’ll be a good girl and get much needed sleep. :P

If you like mystery, crime stories, smart and witty characters, and law enforcement with some romance and Christianity then this is a series for you.

Go read it! Find it at a library near you; Buy it from Amazon ($9.99 / $13.17); Buy it from ($9.69 / $11.99 or $8.99); Buy it from Barnes & Noble ($10.49 / $13.41)
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  1. This is my favorite of the O'Malley series. I love Lisa and her pets!

    1. Her pets were great, she almost made me want to have a pet ferret! :-)


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