Saturday, November 15, 2014

Unspoken by Dee Henderson

Unspoken by Dee Henderson. Bethany House, 2013. 441p. (9780764211713) Series: (Not officially but Full Disclosure and Undetected are related, this one falls in the middle)

Oh my. What a complex book of emotions, fear, sacrifice, hope and dreams. And I just love that the author mentioned her O’Malley series and credited them to a character in this book (I hadn’t read Full Disclosure yet and this fun tidbit plays an important part in that story). I think I’ve found a new favorite author.

Goodreads Summary (edited):
Charlotte Graham is at the center of the most famous kidnapping in Chicago history.

The task force of FBI and local cops found her two abductors, killed them, rescued her, but it took four very long years. The fact she was found less than three miles from her home, had been there the entire time, haunts them. She's changed her identity, found a profession she loves, and rebuilt her life. She's never said a word--to the cops, to her doctors, to family--about those four years.

A family legacy has brought her back to Chicago. Bryce Bishop doesn't know her past, he only knows she has coins to sell from her grandfather's estate--and that the FBI director for the Chicago office made the introduction. The more he gets to know Charlotte, the more interested he becomes. But nothing else is working in his favor.

My Review:
Bryce Bishop is “bored out of his mind” with his life and his enjoyable job running a high-end coin shop. But both he and the reader don’t know how much that is going to change when Charlotte Graham shows up in his parking lot. And goodness what a ride it is.

I really don’t want to give away any surprises in this story! The intensity of this book is not in the drama or action, but it simply waiting alongside Charlotte and Bryce for things to progress, for trust to be built, for cold cases to be solved. In watching Charlotte struggle through continuing to figure out life 19 years after being held captive for four years.

Some reviewers have complained about the length – and it is a long book, but who hasn’t wished a story had been a bit longer just so you could spend more time with the characters. Some reviewers have complained about the details regarding the coins in the collection, but I found it interesting and it helps explain the grandfather’s estate, lets the reader get to know Bryce’s character and is an interesting glimpse into the world of coin collectors.

The romance was incredibly sweet and slow and subtle; a very clean romance too. They don’t make a big deal out of their faith either, the author is quite adept at creating characters who are Christians – she doesn’t include any sermons and isn’t pushy.

If you like suspense, mystery and romance, then this is a book for you.

(Paperback/ebook prices good as of November 14, 2014 always double check for yourself)

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  1. Now this is a book you should get me. ;)

    1. True, you would very likely enjoy that series. And Dee Henderson's 'The O'Malleys' series. But you already got your Christmas gift last summer. :-)


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