Friday, January 16, 2015

Cover Reveal: Draven's Light

I may be a few hours late in posting this but I am no less excited for this next book in the wonderful Tales of Goldstone Wood series. It isn't quite a novella - bit long for that, but it's also quite a bit shorter than the other books in the series. This past week Golden Daughter arrived at the library and I was amazed at how fat it was. (I read it as a pdf.)

But let me tell you about Draven's Light
In the Darkness of the Pit
The Light Shines Brightest

Drums summon the chieftain’s powerful son to slay a man in cold blood and thereby earn his place among the warriors. But instead of glory, he earns the name Draven, “Coward.” When the men of his tribe march off to war, Draven remains behind with the women and his shame. Only fearless but crippled Ita values her brother’s honor.

The warriors return from battle victorious yet trailing a curse in their wake. One by one the strong and the weak of the tribe fall prey to an illness of supernatural power. The secret source of this evil can be found and destroyed by only the bravest heart.

But when the curse attacks the one Draven loves most, can this coward find the courage he needs to face the darkness?

Coming May 25, 2015

Anne Elisabeth has shared an excerpt of this compelling tale on the book's website. And she also tells us how this story came about. Quite interesting with some intriguing hints about what we can look forward to. I just love Anne Elisabeth's work (as you well know if you regularly read this blog), but I'm not the only one. Her novel Starflower was awarded the 2013 Clive Staples Award, and her novels Heartless, Veiled Rose, and Dragonwitch have each been honored with a Christy Award.

Last but not least, here's the link to the giveaway for a chance at one of three advanced reader copies of this book!

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