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Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

book cover for Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede shows Cimorne and Mendanbar fighting rock snakesSearching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede. Harcourt, 1991. 242p. (9780152045654) Series: Enchanted Forest Chronicles, #2.

A few weeks ago I read the first book, Dealing with Dragons, and this week the books I ordered for the library arrived and this was one of them. Between reading book one and the arrival of the books two kids asked me if we had this book. I was so happy that I could tell them it would be here soon.

Back Cover:
Kidnap a dragon? How daring!

How stupid

Cimorene, the princess who refuses to be proper, is back – but where is Kazul the dragon? That’s what Cimorene is determined to find out.

Luckily – or perhaps not-so-luckily – she’s got help: Mendanbar, the not-very-kingly King of the Enchanted Forest, has joined her in her quest. So with the aid of a broken-down magic carpet, a leaky magical sword, and a few buckets of soapy lemon water, they set off across the Enchanted Forest to tackle the dragon-napping and save the King of the Dragons.

My Review:
This was another very fun book. The back cover gives you the idea it is more about Cimorene, when it’s really about Mendanbar and his quest to find out why there are large bare, almost burnt out patches of nothing in his forest. He is sent by a squirrel to see Morwen who tells him to visit Kazul. Only problem is Kazul is missing.

Thus Cimorene and Mendanbar set off together to find the Dragon King. Along the way they meet the usual giants, dwarfs, magicians and royalty. Except none of them are actually “usual” as you may suspect if you’ve read book one.

For example, the giant is fed up because “every three months, regular as clockwork, one of those boys shows up and there’s never been a Tom, Dick or Harry among ‘em. Just Jacks. The English have no imagination.” (p.101-102)

Similar to the first, this book has a dash of romance but in this tale it’s mainly friendship and mutual interests that then blossoms into love at the very end. There is also plenty of adventure, mystery and lots to chuckle about.

Disclosure: I borrowed this from the library. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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