Monday, March 4, 2013

End of Reading Fiction Fast

The 40 day fast is over. As of Saturday I can read fiction again. And I proceeded to read four books this weekend. I didn’t manage to finish that many books in the past 40 days though.

I finished two – Willard Grenfel and Betty Greene both by Janet and Geoff Benge and am almost done Crazy Love by Francis Chan and am half way through The Mold on Dr. Florey’s Coat. Plus on Wednesday I started a children’s biography about Ghengis Khan I forgot at school and thus didn’t finish. Oh, and I did finally finish Joel Rosenberg’s book, Israel at War, that was released ebook only last fall.

My mom is right, I don’t read enough nonfiction, but that’s because I can read fiction much faster and I really enjoy getting lost in the story. Reading one or two biographies or other nonfiction books a month would be a good goal…`

I have really enjoyed the biography series for youth written by Janet and Geoff Benge. They have written about men and women that have been forgotten but once were well known. The further reading suggestions at the end show that they’ve often found primary sources and that they’ve done their research.

My apologies for not posting very much over the past month, but I found myself avoiding blogging and reading other book blogs just so I wouldn’t keep reading about all the great fiction that I was staying away from.

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