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School Book Saturday: Early Islamic trade & Women's sufferage

Trade and commerce in the early Islamic world
by Allison Lassieur. Crabtree Publishing Company, 2012. 48 pg. ( 978-0778721796)
Series: Life in the Early Islamic World
Dewey: J381
Reading level: 6.7, Guided Reading: W
Interest level: 5-8th

Publisher Description:
This important book shows how trade and commerce spread with the conquests made by the early Islamic empires. Key topics explored include: transportation by caravans, ships, and boats; monetary systems; famous explorers and traders; interactions with the East and West; economical principles; and coinage.

My Review:
Lots of great maps, examples of Islamic artwork and photos. In addition to the topics mentioned in the publisher's description the book also covers various trade goods including a variety of luxury items and slaves. At the end are ten very short biographies of famous Muslim traders and explorers, there are also two timelines, glossary (no pronunciation guide), additional resources and index.

I think this would be a good resource for middle schoolers studying Middle Eastern history and learning about trade and commerce centuries ago. This is a series I will consider for my school's library.

Find it at a library near youBuy it from Amazon; Buy it from Barnes & NobleBuy it from an Indie Bookstore near you

Image from Good-
reads, no cover
available online
Women's Right to Vote
edited by Paul A. Kobasa and others. World Book, 2011. 64 pg. (9780716615088)
Series:World Book's Documenting History
Dewey: 324.6
Interest level: 6th-12th

Publisher Description:
A history of the women's suffrage movement throughout the world, based on primary source documents and other historical artifacts. Features include period art works and photographs; excerpts from literary works, letters, speeches, broadcasts, and diaries; summary boxes; a timeline; maps; and a list of additional resources.

My Review:
A very information rich book about women's efforts to obtain the right to vote around the world. I really liked that the book wasn't only about the suffrage movement in America but included other countries around the world - mainly those in the former British Empire.

I fully expected to find this individual book for sale through Follet or a book retailer. Unfortunately that is not the case. It's a good resource for any middle school report on women's suffrage with lots of pictures, excerpts from letters and books, and at the end a timeline, sources, additional resources, and index.

Find it at a library near you; The only place online that I could find that sells it is World Book as part of a series.
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