Friday, May 17, 2013

Redemption by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley

cover of Redemption by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley shows a sad and pensive woman wearing a wedding ringRedemption by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Smalley. Tyndale House, 2002. 384p. (1414333005) Series: Redemption, #1

Ten minutes ago I finished my third book by Karen Kingsbury (The Bridge and The Chance being the first two). I don’t know why I’ve avoided her books for so many years. I don’t know why I thought they were fluffy romance novels. They are anything but. She has a knack for creating real characters with real problems and feelings.

There have been many times when I have turned the last page of a story wishing that it wouldn’t end with the proposal or the wedding, wishing that the story would continue and tell the characters joys and hardships in marriage. I know life isn’t all sunshine and roses after the I Dos and I wish more books would include that.

And Karen Kingsbury’s books seem to do just that. Last night and this evening I read Redemption, co-written by Gary Smalley and Karen Kingsbury. It is about a couple whose marriage is falling apart in the worst way and yet the wife clings desperately to the love they once had, to God’s grace and the firm conviction that love is a decision.

Which, actually, is something I’ve often said (and learned from my wise mother). Love is a choice.

Go read the Redemption series. And then the two series about the Baxter family that follow it. I know I’m going to. In fact, as soon as I post this, I’m going to head over to the library and grab book two. (Oh the joys of being the librarian and being able to get a book at any time of day or night. :-) )

And if you can't go buy, borrow or beg this book right now, envy the librarian with the keys...

Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the library. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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