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Cover Reveal: Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

As you know The Tales of Goldstone Wood is one of my favorite series. Book 5, Dragonwitch releases next month and I can hardly wait. But today. Ah, today. Today the cover of book 6, Shadowhand, is revealed to one and all.

~ ~ ~
"She Will Take Your Own Two Hands
To Save Your Ancient, Sorrowing Lands."

By her father's wish, Lady Daylily is betrothed to the Prince of Southlands. Not the prince she loves, handsome and dispossessed Lionheart, but his cousin, the awkward and foolish Prince Foxbrush. Unable to bear the future she sees as her wedding day dawns, Daylily flees into the dangerous Wilderlands, her only desire to vanish from living memory.

But Foxbrush, determined to rescue his betrothed, pursues Daylily into a new world of magic and peril, a world where vicious Faerie beasts hold sway, a world invaded by a lethal fey parasite . . . 

A world that is hauntingly familiar.

Coming Spring 2014
~ ~ ~

And what a beautiful cover. I really like how it harkens back to the first three books with the roundness of the cave roof focusing ones eye on the middle. I can only assume the maiden is Lady Daylily. To be honest, I didn't care for her a whole lot in Veiled Rose and Moonblood, but she did play an important part and I'm certainly looking forward to hearing the rest of her story. And I've got to ask, is that the Woodthrush? I never pictured him with blue wings.

I just reread a few pages of Moonblood and I think page 18-20 gives a small hint towards this book. If you've read several books in the series, you should go back and reread the first ones, it's amazing how much of future tales Anne Elisabeth wove into earlier works.

Now this isn't just a cover reveal, Anne Elisabeth is giving away a mug with the banner of all six books on it. And the website for the books goes live today! The 'Characters You Will Meet' page is especially interesting:

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So exciting. I can hardly wait for July when Dragonwitch will finally be available and now there's another great book to look forward to! If you're curious about the series, here are my reviews of some of the earlier books: Veiled Rose, Moonblood and Starflower (which I reviewed in two parts actually).

Even if you don't get a chance to read books 1-3 before July, read Starflower before reading Dragonwitch (at least that's my guess of a good reading order) and before Shadow Hand releases read books 1-3.

And lastly, be sure to keep an eye on Anne Elisabeth's blog: Thanks for letting me participate in the cover reveal!


  1. I wasn't fond of Lady Daylily, but the good LORD willing when I read the book perhaps I will grow to like her.


  2. The bird might be supposed to be the wood thrush, but it is a tree swallow. Perhaps there's a tree swallow in the story. I'd find it odd that the cover artists would show the wrong bird, because they did the correct one on 'Heartless'.

    Daylily was very unlikeable in Books 2 and 3. And Foxbrush never was special. But Anne has a beautiful way of showing the truth behind people. God has given her a heart for people, and she reflects that in the way she portrays her characters, giving us understanding, sympathy, and even love for them. She never justifies their deeds, but she shows us that we aren't really any better than they and that redemption is for everyone!

    It really is cool to see how all these different story-lines are tying in!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment Hannah! Tree swallow, eh? I wouldn't have been able to identify it and am quite curious how and if it plays a part in the story. Such a shame we have to wait so long!

      You are completely right. Anne Elisabeth puts so much into each story - it's more than just a fun story, there are important lessons and reminders woven in.

  3. Wow, I would definitely agree that it has a captivating and intriguing cover. I bet this book is full of adventures, magic and breath-taking scenes. I would really love to read this book. I can’t to, actually. Being betrothed to someone you don’t love means the end of life, don’t you think?

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