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Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

cover of Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl - young woman hurrying down a rose garden path with a dragon hovering almost out of sight above herMoonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Bethany House, 2012. 373p. Series: Tales of Goldstone Wood #3 (9780764207815)

I loved this book! I enjoyed it so much I made myself savor it and not rush through it in one sitting. It is a wonderful continuation of the adventure of Lionheart and Rose Red and Felix. This is book three in the series and they must be read in order. The first is Heartless and the second is Veiled Rose (here's my review). That being said, there are a couple hopefully only minor spoilers in this review.

The people and land of Southlands is slowly recovering from the dragon’s prolonged stay. Prince Lionheart was the only one who did not experience those five years in the country and no one quite knows what he did. But they do know that the prince acts strange and they blame it on that mysterious veiled girl who isn’t quite a girl. Rose Red.

When Lionheart reluctantly banishes Rose Red she disappears. Unbeknownst to him he just condemned her to capture by the evil goblin King Vahe who rules the hidden realm of Arpiar and who is also Rose Red’s father. King Vahe has spent centuries waiting, plotting and planning for the Night of Moonblood when he will gain the power to rule the whole world – both the Far and the Near World.

Lionheart is miserable and vows to redeem himself by finding Rose Red. Little does he know what awaits him when he follows Monster (Yes! Felix and Una’s cat returns!) into the mysterious Goldstone Wood. Legends come to life, tigers turn into men, a beautiful but terrifying unicorn searches for him. Can Lionheart renounce his pride and arrogance, can he accept forgiveness, can he face his worst nightmare?

I loved learning more about the history of Goldstone Wood (and surrounding – connected? areas). It still amazes me how Anne Elisabeth has woven such a complex tale. Learn more about the author and the series from this interview. This book really ties the first two books together and shows just how epic of a series The Tales of Goldstone Wood can become.

It was so cool to discover who Monster actually is. After all, a blind cat who talks can't just be a cat; he’s got to be Somebody! And what a history he has! After Aslan, I think Monster is my favorite literary cat…who isn’t just a cat.

Lionheart’s struggle is an all too human struggle. Admitting our mistakes and bowing our knee to God. I absolutely loved the many forgiveness and redemption stories found in this novel.

This definitely gets 5 out of 5 roses. If you enjoy fantasy, adventure, grand tales, or stories about finding oneself then you should definitely read this book.

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