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Elisabeth Brown - Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour

Oooohh! Would you look at that? What a lovely dress! Betsy Brown, author of What Eyes Can See, is the Cinderella of the Day.

This week is the blog tour (with a fun giveaway!) for Five Glass Slippers, the collection of Cinderella stories that I reviewed a few weeks ago and that released just last week. Here's the link to my review.

And here's the link to the blog tour home page so you can be sure to visit Betsy's other stops on this tour and to find out her favorite dance song, ball gown, and "Cinderella moment" on the main host blog.

During a visit to her castle for tea she kindly answered the following question:
Which European monarch would you want to travel back in time to visit and observe for a day?

Betsy: (This is a play-by-play of me answering your question.)
Me: “Mom? What monarchs do I know of besides Henry VIII and Napoleon Dynamite…I mean Bonaparte?”
Mother, Mother, Best and Dearest of Mothers: “Alfred the Great? Good Queen Bess? Boadicea? Victoria?”
Me: “But I don’t want to meet any of them.”
Mother, etc.: “All the Louises of France?”
Me: “I don’t know a thing about any.”
Mother, etc.: “Cleopatra? Cathrine the Great? Ivan the Terrible?”
Me: “Mom, they’re not even European.”
Mother, etc.: “I don’t know. Ask your dad.”
Me: “Dad, what monarch would you go back and visit?”
Daddy-o: “Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf. “
Me: “He’s not technically a monarch.”
Daddy-o: “Charles Martel?”
Me: “…I’ve heard the name.”
Mother, etc.: “Richard the Lionhearted?”
Me: “He ate his enemies.”
Insert long pause in which I research violently on Wikipedia
Me: “Do you think I can make Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, count?”
Mother, etc.: “Not a monarch.”
Me: “Shoot.”
Insert another pause.
Me: “How about I just write about all the people I didn’t pick and hope it’s interesting.”

Short story long, I can think of boatloads of historical characters I’d love to hobnob with for a while…Menno Simons, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Johannes Gutenberg…but none of them had the good fortune to be born royalty.

Now I’m curious…do you yourself have a monarch in mind? Because for the life of me I don’t know whom to pick. Help.

Me: I think we could allow a visit to Count Zinzendorf, he might not be a monarch but he's nobility. Same with Frederick III. Anyone have some more suggestions for Betsy though?

About “What Eyes Can See” by Elisabeth Brown

Painfully shy Arella begs her stepmother to let her stay home from the prince’s ball. But kindly Duchess Germaine is determined that her beautiful stepdaughter should be presented at court along with her own two daughters. So, dressed in a gorgeous gown and a pair of heirloom slippers, Arella catches the eye of the crown prince . . . and finds her life suddenly far more complicated than she ever desired.

About Elisabeth Brown

Elisabeth Brown has always loved words. The third of seven children, she enjoyed being homeschooled through her senior year of high school, and is now studying piano performance at Appalachian Bible College. When she’s ignoring the fact that she should probably be practicing more or doing Greek homework, you’ll find her sewing, baking, reading, singing along to basically any musical ever created, hiking through the woods, or laughing at incredibly silly puns.

What Eyes Can See is her first published story, but she also rambles at Stretching the Metaphorical Cello.


Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kindle eBook Sale!
The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!


  1. Oh, perfect! Frederick III it is, then! :)

    1. Great! If you figure out time travel let us know! And let us know how your visit to Frederick III transpired.
      Thank you for your very enjoyable answer!

    2. I'm glad the answer worked...I was stuck on that question for the longest time. ;)

    3. :D I can tell. Very clever way of answering the question by the way.

  2. LOL!! This response is the best, Elisabeth. ;) You definitely made it interesting! Love the family dynamics, haha.

    Creative question, Rina! Thank you for hosting Elisabeth today. :)


    1. Thank you Amber for organizing this! It was my pleasure.

  3. Such a great and clever post, love this! *waving to Elisabeth* Would Elizabeth I of England count (1558-1603)? She has a fascinating history and a woman ruler at that :) here's a website where I googled for this answer, hope this helps!
    hugs to you Rina and Amber and a huge congrats to Elisabeth!!

    1. Certainly Elizabeth I would count! I was actually thinking of her when I asked the question. Maybe the day that Sir Walter Raleigh reported back on some exciting expedition. Thanks for the link, it's a great list! Blessings!


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