Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunflower Blogger Award

Melanie over at Christian Bookshelf Reviews, tagged me for the Sunflower Blogger Award! How fun and what an honor! Thanks Melanie!

The Rules:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions the previous blogger asked
3. Tag 11 bloggers and ask them 11 new questions

11 Facts
  1. I don't like hot drinks because I (almost) always burn my tongue.
  2. I have a master's degree in library science.
  3. I live less than 150 miles south of the Equator
  4. I am a school librarian at an international school in an African country.
  5. I get to come "home" to the States in the summers.
  6. Three things I love about the States (not necessarily in order): there are cheese varieties, toilet paper that doesn't shred, and libraries.
  7. I like reading a book straight through.
  8. I've lost a lot of sleep because of #6.
  9. The sun sets around 6 pm year round near the equator and it's hard to adjust to a 9 pm ish sunset!
  10. I am trying to learn French.
  11. I should read more non fiction books.

11 Questions from Melanie
  1. What's the last book you bought? The last book that I bought for myself is 'Love Makes a House a Home: A Christian Romance' (Series: Home to Collingsworth Book 3) by Kimberly Rae Jordan. But this week I bought some books to give to a friend but I can't tell you which books because she might read this. :-)
  2. What's the last movie you watched? A lousy on so many levels, 1994 movie called 'It Could Happen to You' staring Nicolas Cage. It had promises of being cute until his character had an affair. 
  3. What's your all-time favorite book cover? Hard question. I do love the covers for the Tales of Goldstone Wood series.
  4. What's your favorite summer activity, besides reading? ;) Seeing friends and family that I don't get to see all year.
  5. What is one of the worst/most-boring movies you've seen? I don't have a good memory for all the movies I've seen (when answering #2 it took me a while to decide if my sister and I had watched a movie yesterday or only watched TV shows on Netflix). And I have an even worse memory for bad/boring movies. So...I'll skip this one.
  6. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would you choose? Hawaii - they've got lots of national parks and cool places to explore.
  7. Sneakers or sandals? Sandals
  8. The beach or the pool? Beach
  9. What's the last book that made you cry or laugh-out-loud? I definitely cried during 'The Healer' by Dee Henderson.
  10. What's your favorite candle scent? It's been a while since I went candle-sniffing. (Btw, ever sniffed men's deodorant at Walmart at 11pm with a group of girls? Very fun and hilarious.) 
  11. Do you have a favorite B&W movie? Hmmm, favorite B&W TV show is Robin Hood staring Richard Greene. And Andy Griffith. Movie though... Longest Day is good, so are the Abbott & Costello comedies, The Artist... yeah I don't have a favorite. There are lots of other great classics though - too many to list.
11 Bloggers
2. Abbi at Christian Novels
4. Clara at To Find a Castle
5. Rebecca at A Christian Worldview of Fiction
6. Julie at Second Grade Style
7. Miss Elizabeth at Elegance of Fashion
8. You in the comments
And I know that's not 11, but it seems most bloggers I follow regularly have already been tagged and posted their lists. And I just want to get this posted.
Plus, I'd really love to hear what some of your answers are in the comments

11 Questions for them (and you)
  1. If you could travel back in time and be the proverbial fly on the wall, where and when would you go?
  2. Favorite genre?
  3. Favorite aspect of blogging?
  4. Least favorite part of blogging?
  5. If you could swap places with a book character who would it be (and for how long)?
  6. What's the longest you've stayed awake?
  7. What are the next three books on your to read list?
  8. Where do you get most of your books from?
  9. Favorite place to read?
  10. You've been invited to a literary costume party. Who will you dress as?
  11. What is the most memorable thing you've learned from a book?


  1. Fun post! Thanks for participating, Rina! I love your answers and new questions. :)

    1. You asked some good questions! Thanks for tagging me Melanie! I enjoyed it. :-)

  2. Thanks for the nomination, Rina! Here's my response: http://karathewriter.blogspot.com/2014/06/three-awards-from-my-blogging-friends.html


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