Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stephanie Ricker - Five Glass Slippers Blog Tour

Oh my! What a marvelous ball gown! Stephanie Ricker, author of A Cinder's Tale, is the Cinderella of the Day.

This week is the blog tour (with a fun giveaway!) for Five Glass Slippers, the collection of Cinderella stories that I reviewed a few weeks ago and that released just last week. Here's the link to my review.

And here's the link to the blog tour home page so you can be sure to visit Rachel's other's stops on this tour and to find out her favorite dance song, ball gown, and "Cinderella moment" on the main host blog.

As she is chatting with us before stepping into her space pod she kindly answered the following question:

Your story takes place in the far corners of the universe. Do you have a favorite spot in outer space and a picture of it?

Stephanie: Thanks for your question.  I’m a huge science fiction fan (surprise, surprise), and I’m fascinated by space exploration in general.  I like to browse NASA’s astronomy picture of the day archive, and there are tons of beautiful shots there.  One of my favorite constellations is the Pleiades (also called the Seven Sisters) because on most nights they’re hard to see; you almost wonder whether you’re imagining them or not.  This shot from the Hubble telescope is lovely. Overall, though, I really just enjoy learning about it all, and reading the different fictional representations of life among the stars.

The picture Stephanie sent

About “A Cinder’s Tale” by Stephanie Ricker

It’s a dangerous life, yet Elsa wouldn’t trade this opportunity to work at Tremaine Station, mining cendrillon from the seething surface of planet Aschen. Nevertheless, when a famous deep space explorer and his handsome son dock their starcraft at the space station, Elsa finds herself dreaming of far galaxies beyond Aschen's blistering heat. There is no time for dreaming, however, when danger threatens the space station, and Elsa and her fellow miners are tested to the limits of their courage.

About Stephanie Ricker

Stephanie Ricker is a writer, editor, and tree-climber. She adores the cold and the snow but lives in North Carolina anyway, where she enjoys archery, hiking, canoeing, and exploring with friends.

Stephanie’s fiction has been published in Bull-Spec, a magazine of speculative fiction, and in four consecutive editions of The Lyricist, Campbell University’s annual literary magazine. She was the editor of the 2009 edition of The Lyricist, which won first place in the American Scholastic Press Association Contest. Stephanie’s non-fiction has been published in an assortment of medical magazines and newsletters, and her senior thesis on Tolkien was published in the 2009 issue of Explorations: The Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity for the State of North Carolina.

You can find out more about Stephanie and her writing on her blog: Quoth the Girl.


Here’s your chance to be Cinderella of the ball! One lucky winner will receive a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers, several Cinderella-themed items (including a bookmark crafted by Belle on a Budget, a journal, and a DVD copy of the Disney movie), as well as special gifts handpicked by a few of the collection’s authors (a glass slipper cookie cutter with recipe, freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, and an Apple Tree Inn cup and saucer). This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.
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Kindle eBook Sale!
The Five Glass Slippers collection will be on sale for only $.99 in Kindle format for the duration of the blog tour (June 23-28)!


  1. Another great question, Rina! I love the pic - and how cool that the constellation is also called "The Seven Sisters." I'm partial to Orion's Belt. :)


  2. Wow--gorgeous picture! I should spend more time looking at the NASA astronomy photos.

    1. You can even subscribe to get a daily email with a photo from NASA. They aren't all astronomy, some are of rockets and satellites, etc., but it's still fun. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Audrey: Be careful! You can easily lose hours in NASA's photo galleries. Fun stuff!

    1. Very true! Thanks for stopping by Stephanie and for sharing that lovely picture with us!


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