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A Texan’s Choice by Shelley Gray

A Texan’s Choice by Shelley Gray. Abingdon Press, 2012. 320p. (9781426714658) Series: The Heart of a Hero, #3

Ever since I finished book two in the series I have been looking forward to reading Scout’s story. I loved reading his story and seeing how he changed his life after the events of ATexan’s Honor (book 2). But I’m sorry to say this is my least favorite book in the series.

Book cover:

Texas, 1874. Long ago, Scout Proffitt gave up on ever being a man of honor like his Civil War hero brother Clayton. But when Scout steps foot on the rundown remnants of the Circle C ranch, he wonders if maybe just maybe the Lord has something different intended for him.

Rosemarie has lived most of her life doubting her worth and shouldering the blame for her brother’s death. But when a stranger rides onto her ranch, claiming he owns it, she suddenly is given a choice: either keep looking at the dark side of life…or dare to dream.

My review:

While I loved getting to know Scout more I was also a bit disappointed in this third book (and I assumed, final) book in the series. In a way it seemed like the author was trying to wrap up other people’s stories but then left you wondering what happens to them next.

At the beginning I was not expecting to hear about Russel or Miles so I was confused when the story started following them. By the middle I understood how they were tied to Scout’s story but in a way it felt like they were main characters as well but without their stories being concluded.

A theme in all three books is grace and second chances. Christ’s saving grace is not really explained and man’s depravity is glossed over. Throughout the last book and this book we are constantly told that Scout is a cold, grim killer; a man with no qualms about killing someone for money; a lethal shot feared throughout west; a man whose exploits have been told and exaggerated in dime novels. Yet he suddenly turns from all of that and people accept him and respect him. It’s hard to grasp, even though we’re told that something about him inspires trust.

I enjoyed Rosemarie’s story and how she was able to help Scout and he was able to help her. Although again while reading her story there is a scene that shows how her life has changed but there is no follow up to it.

If I knew that this series will continue I think I would have written a more positive review. However, since I have been under the impression that this is the last and I haven’t seen anything contrary wise, I must say I expected a better ending to the story and not so many loose ends. I think what bothers me the most is that they are not loose ends to the series, but rather loose ends just from this book.

If you’ve read book one and two, A Texan’s Promise and A Texan’s Honor, then you should certainly read this book. But don’t read this without having read the first two (or even just book two).

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