Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: What series should never end?

Book Blogger Hop
For the week of September 7-13:

What book series do you never want to see end?

My answer:
That's a tough question...oh! Actually no it isn't. :-) I never want the Tales of Goldstone Wood to end. And there's plenty of stories that Anne Elisabeth Stengl can find to write about in the world she has created.

In case you're wondering, book 1 is Heartless, #2 is Veiled Rose, #3 is Moonblood, and #4 Starflower comes out in October.

Which book series do you never want to see end?


  1. I haven't read any of those before, is it a YA book?

    Thanks for visiting my blog!! :D

    1. It is a YA book. Thanks for returning the visit!

  2. Once a series gets going, I don't want it to end. Nothing I'm reading now is a series, but I'm thinking Terri Blackstock's books and Robert Whitlow. Can't remember how many books were in the Left Behind series. I couldn't finish the last couple of books in that one.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Diane! I haven't read either of those authors, but I totally agree, it's usually sad to say goodbye to a series.


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