Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: Favorite review from past month

For the week of September 14-20:

Highlight one of your favorite reviews from the past month!

My answer:
Now that's a hard question if you're scheduling this post almost a month in advance! [Puts it off until a few days prior] And it's even harder when you haven't reviewed a whole lot of books in the past month. ... browsing through past reviews ... still reading ... hmmmm, I don't have a favorite review. I've had some favorite books, and I've put a bit more thought and commentary or pictures into some reviews but...

Sorry, guess I can't really answer this one. So here's a series of questions for you:

Do you prefer a picture or two to go along with the review?
(Example: The Forgiven Duke by Jamie Carie)

Some sort of rating system? 5/5 stars, etc.
Or an "if you like X,Y and P then you'll like this"?

(Example: Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl)
(Both are buried in there at the end)

Or perhaps a book trailer?
(Example: Roadside Assistance by Amy Clipston)

Or some other sort of video?
(Example: Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson)

Or some info about the author?
(Haven't done that yet)

Or something else I haven't thought of?

Thanks for helping me improve my reviews!!!


  1. Your questions are thought provoking, I just posted a review yesterday on my blog where I post something about all the books I read, "Book Lust Journal" and I included a little about the author in it, however, I don't do that often. I do use the 5 star rating, but that is just for myself, to remind myself if I like the book or not. I don't use pictures, just the cover of the book. And I don't use videos. I post an overview of the book and than add my thoughts.

    This is just my own personal preference, I don't like long drawn out reviews, I like them shorter and to the point. Just a few facts, and whether I liked the book or not. Many other reviewers like longer reviews, when I run into the long reviews, I either don't read them or just briefly and quickly look through them to see if anything catches my attention.

    Thanks for your visit today. You can find my "Book Lust Journal" here... visits are always welcome.

    1. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts! I agree, long drawn out ones are hard to read all the way through, especially if they aren't formatted very well.

      Thanks for returning the visit!

  2. Great idea to ask for reader input! I think adding some pics to a post is a pretty cool idea (I might steal if you don't mind!) and it could be just an occasional thing but it does add something to a review.
    A rating system is handy as sometimes people don't want to read a whole review they just want to really quick see just how much the person liked the book (sadly I've been guilty of this on occasion). If you do do a rating system I would suggest coming up with some creative and unique rather than just a star rating.
    Also the "if you like X, Y< and P you'll like this is also an extremely cool idea (another one I might want to steal-you must be genius or something) and it will probably make people want to read it even more if it's similar to a book they love!
    I personally am not a big book trailer fan but other vids could be fun on occasion!
    Well those our my thoughts!

    1. Steal whatever you'd like Abbi! I think I "stole" something from you once so now we're even. :-)

      Good idea about a creative rating system. I've seen a few out there and appreciated the cleverness. I'll have to think of something...

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

  3. Good questions....I like a rating and the book cover.

    Silver's Reviews

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I've thought about adding a rating and after your and Abbi's feedback I think I shall.

  4. I like to have a picture of the book and some info on the author. The trailer is not necessary.

    1. Thanks for your input Melina! I've seen a lot of people include some author info. Something to consider.

  5. All of those are great things to include with a review :) I haven't come up with a rating system yet, I'm not sure that I ever will!

    1. Thanks for commenting Jennifer! Not sure if I should include all of them in one review but I think I'll be adding one or two. A rating system is hard to come up with isn't it.


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