Monday, February 6, 2012

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin. Bethany House, 2011. 388p. (978-0-7642-0498-2)

This is a very satisfying read. Enough mystery, adventure, life and death situations, love, romance, danger, buried treasure and books to make for a great read. And the irony is that the librarian heroine thinks all the adventures she’s living through are like scenes and settings from the novels she’s read. Until she realizes that God is control of her life and living life is better than living vicariously through fictional characters.

Set in 1936 Illinois and Kentucky, Alice is the newest librarian at the Blue Island public library and has been dating respectable Gordon T. Walters for nearly a year. But between Depression budget shortfalls and the death of the library’s main patrons dies, the library must cut back its hours and its staff. The day before Alice found out about losing her job, Gordon accused her of living in a fantasy world and broke up with her.

Alice would rather not keep busy with the tasks her parents give her so she jumps at the chance to travel to Kentucky with her aunt and uncle to deliver the boxes of book donations she has been collecting for the Acorn Public Library. And that’s where her adventure begins.

I don’t want to say anything more about the plot for fear of spoiling your fun. But I will tell you about some of the people. June Ann, Clint, Gladys, and Ike all made me think of some of the people from the Christy movies – feuding, moonshine and a distrust of outsiders is in Acorn just as it was in Cutter Gap. Miss Lillie is a great character, so much wisdom, quirkiness (love potion anyone?), knowledge and history. A woman of great faith, she taught Alice more about God in a short period of time more than she learned from going to church and hearing her father’s sermons all her life.

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were entertaining, the mystery interesting and was a great reminder that God directs our steps. He has a wonderful purpose for our lives and we need to be listening to his directions.

Did you have the Steve Green cassette or VHS (or even CD or DVD) Hide ‘em in Your Heart growing up? If so than you know that there is a friend who sticks, kinda like peanut butter: 

The verse, There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24b NIV84) plays a two part purpose in the book. The first is obvious, but for the second you’ll just have to read the book.


  1. I still sing that song! : ) so good

  2. I loved those songs. I still sing the "when I am afraid" one from Psalm 56. :-)


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