Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Beach Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Today's Top Ten topic is "Books I'd Recommend As Good Beach Reads." Since I'm at the beach right now I'll just give you this list of the books I brought to the beach to read.

This Week's Beach Reads

1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
(Started it yesterday and am currently at the counsel of Elrond)

2. Masquerade by Nancy Moser
(Really looking forward to reading this one)

Masquerade by Nancy Moser

3. Forevermore by Cathy Marie Hake
(Already finished it)

4. Deirdre by Linda Windsor
(Sequel to Maire)

5. A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher

6. Fit to be Tied by Robin Lee Hatcher

7. A Man's Heart by Lori Copeland

8. The Daughter's Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick
(Already finished it)

9. Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom

And to make it 10, one that I would like to read but am too cheap to buy
Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

What books do you want to read at the beach?


  1. Great choices. I am gonna add to my already LONG tbr pile!! Come check mine too:

    Here is my Top Ten post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by gautami! I like your list!

  2. Cathy Marie Hake is a fantastic author! Forevermore isn't my favorite of hers but it is still pretty good! And you definitely should read The Accidental Bride-it's great!

    1. I liked Forevermore much better than Serendipity and I can't remember any other books of her's that I've read. I didn't realize it was book 2 in a series though. Doesn't strike me though as a must-read-in-order type of series.
      I'm really hoping Accidental Bride shows up on Amazon's free e-book list this summer! Or maybe I'll get a friend to borrow it from a neighboring county library for me. :-)

  3. I read The Lord of the Rings in my teen years and loved it.

    1. You should reread it! This is my third time and I'm enjoying it. Now they are at the gates of Moria. :-)

  4. Great choices! I would love for you to stop by to check out my Top Ten :)

    1. Thanks Angela! You've got a great list as well!

  5. Deidre is actually book 3 in the Glennmara series. Book 2 is Riona. Anyway, they're all great. And Linda's got a new one out right nor.

    If I went to the beach (I burn very easily, so I don't go), I'd bring these:

    1. Magician by Michael Scott
    2. Sorceress by Michael Scott
    3. Necromancer by Michael Scott
    4. Warlock by Michael Scott
    5. Enchantress by Michael Scott (yes I know, a lot by one author, but I'm trying to finish the series.)
    6. Bride Wore Blue by Mona Hodgson
    7. Director's Cut by Janice Thompson
    8. Short Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer (already read twice)
    9. Love Inspired Historical for July (any of the 4, haven't started them yet)
    10. Love Inspired Historical for July (any of the 4, haven't started yet)

    1. Thanks for reminding me about Riona, Dawn! That was a good book too.
      Great list! I really, really want to read Short Straw Bride also! It sounds so interesting! And the title is intriguing in and of itself.


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