Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

Blue Moon Promise by Colleen CobleBlue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble. ThomasNelson, 2012. 304p. (9781595549150)

I was really looking forward to reading this since I enjoyed several of Colleen Coble’s other books. (Here’s my review of Lonestar Angel.) I also really like historical fiction – although if you want to get literal the only historical part about this book is that it takes place in the past (lots of books are like that actually) and I enjoy reading marriage of convenience stories. Blue Moon Promise takes place in 19th century Texas and is a marriage of convenience story.

But, while it’s a good story and I enjoyed it while reading it, I didn’t love it and I’ve been putting off writing the review. (So much so that it’s now two days overdue and I need to return it today.) It’s a lot easier to write a review of something when you enjoyed it or when something really stood out to you. It’s a good book, it just didn’t shine like I hoped it would.

Back of the book summary:
Lucy Marsh’s worldly resources are running out, but she’s fiercely determined to care for her younger brother and sister. When she discovers that their father’s recent death was no accident, Lucy is eager to leave town. She accepts a proxy marriage she believes will provide safe refuge. But trouble follows her to Texas where her new husband is surprised to suddenly have a wife and children to provide for.

Nate Stanton always hoped he’d marry someday, but running the family ranch meant he had no time for romance. When his father deposits Lucy Marsh – a city girl – on his doorstep, with two siblings in the bargain, he expects ranch life will send her running on the first train out of town. But Lucy is made of tougher stuff than Nate imagined. When danger moves in, Nate finds he’d give anything to protect Lucy and the children he’s grown to love. Even if it means giving up his ranch.

Blue Moon Promise is a story of hope, romance, and suspense…immersing the reader in a rich historical tale set under Texas stars.

My opinions:
Colleen Coble did a good job weaving an intricate mystery into the story. Lucy is running from someone who wishes to harm her but she doesn’t know who or why. Nate also is being threatened by someone but can’t prove his suspicions. Jed, Lucy’s little brother, is holding in secrets his father asked him to keep and is plagued by the black hole in his memory of the night that their father died.

Are tarantulas common in Texas? I was discussing Nate’s pet spider with Kara and she made me realize that just about every single one of Colleen’s books set in Texas mentions those icky, huge creatures. Lucy’s fear of those spiders made me think of a friend and my sister who both abhor spiders; Nate was very kind and removed his pet from the premise and cleared the attic of them for Lucy.

The romance between Lucy and Nate took it’s time but was very sweet. There were a few kisses and nothing else. I enjoyed the lessons Lucy and Nate learned about trust, God and love. “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” (Proverbs 16:9) In a note to the reader the author said she had been learning the same lessons about trusting God and allowing him to direct her path that she had Lucy learn in the book. God is in control. We can’t control everything and everybody.

Disclosure: I borrowed this book from the library. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


  1. Hey Rina, I made it into your review, LOL! Loved your comments and your honesty, well done :) Glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with spiders, icky indeed!

    Great conclusion, loved how you mentioned Colleen's note about trusting God while she was writing about Lucy. Such an important lesson that takes on new meaning with each season of our lives.
    Thanks for your review, Rina, it really blessed me!

    1. Hi Kara, glad you enjoyed the review and that it was a blessing. I understand why there have to be spiders, but I think one of the questions I'll ask in heaven is why did they have to be so icky. :-)
      Thanks for your comment, it was an encouragement!


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