Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly Reflections - 3/2012


How I fared on my March goals:
  • Join Net Galley and some other review programs
    • Check! I joined NetGalley and reviewed one book (see below)
  • Read at least 13 books
    • Check! I read 16 books
  • Review a majority of the books I read, plus a few that I haven't gotten to yet
    • Fail, well I read 16 books and only reviewed 6. So...if I remember my math lessons right, I failed at reviewing a majority and I didn't get to any others done either.
    • But looking at the bright side, I did join up twice with the Top Ten Tuesday meme and I shared about some great giveaways and freebies on Amazon for a total of 14 posts
  • Write some more reviews for Multnomah/Blogging for Books
    • Check! I read and reviewed two books (see below)
  • Join some more reading challenges
    • Check! Read my post HERE about all the challenges I joined
  • Update the look of my blog with help from my friend Nate over at
    • In progress, he’s working on it, I should probably ask him how it’s coming…
My Reviews:

Books I read:

My April goals:

  • Review some more books for NetGalley
  • Review at least half of the books I read and maybe get some written that I haven’t gotten to yet? (That didn’t work out so great in March, but maybe April…)
  • Join either Pinterest or Twitter (because of Klout and Blogging for Books) and figure out how to use them in connection to blogging
  • Finish the process of updating the look of my blog
  • Have a successful blog hop (Fairytale Giveaway Hop takes place at the end of the month!)
  • Read 5 non-fiction books

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  1. You read a lot of great books in March! Hope you reach your goals for April.

    Thanks so much for participating in Monthly Reflections, Rina!!! :)


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