Monday, March 5, 2012

Monthly Reflections - 2/2012

At the beginning of February I wrote a post summing up January's book reviews. This is not a new concept in the blogging world and since then I've discovered Christian Bookshelf Reviews who started Monthly Reflections - a post dedicated to what you accomplished in the prior month and what you hope to accomplish in the coming month.
Hosted by: Christian Bookshelf Reviews
I reviewed a lot more books in February than I realized! Only 7 in January, but got to 11 in February. And I had 3 posts about free books or giveaways happening elsewhere. I read 12 books. Joined the 2012 Reading Challenge - I'm hoping to read at least 99 books this year. Thus far, I've read 17 according to Goodreads. I also signed up for the Fairytale Giveaway Hop which will take place end of April.

My reviews:
Books I read:

Seeking Persephone
Gods and Kings
Princess of the Midnight Ball
Wagered Heart
The Amaranth Enchantment
Princess of Glass
Forever After
The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck: A Novel
Wonderland Creek
Tuesdays at the Castle

In March I hope to:
  • Join Net Galley and some other review programs
  • Read at least 13 books
  • Review a majority of the books I read, plus a few that I haven't gotten to yet
  • Write some more reviews for Multnomah/Blogging for Books
  • Join some more reading challenges
  • Update the look of my blog with help from my friend Nate over at


  1. You read some GREAT books! Princess of Glass's cover is so gorgeous! :D

    Thanks for participating in Monthly Reflections! :)

    1. Thanks Melanie! They were some great books with lots of beautiful covers. :-)


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